Friday, 15 March 2013

Savoury Bread & Butter Pudding

I came up with this idea back in the 1970s, before I was in the habit of baking all my own breads including brioche. I have posted a recipe for making a reduced fat brioche which will make two loaves, one of which can be used to make this dish. It makes an ideal brunch dish, served with a fresh tasting salad. The idea came to me when I was making soufflés of every description. The dish delivers the flavour of a good cheese soufflé and something akin to the texture but without the anxiety.

For this recipe you will need,
1 large brioche loaf Click here for recipe
5 eggs
200g of grated gruyere cheese
200g of grated emmental  cheese
300g of single cream
1L of milk
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper

Begin by slicing up the brioche into around 16 slices, you will need an even number. Using the sliced brioche and the 2 cheeses mixed together, make up 8 sandwiches and slice across the diagonal. Arrange the triangles in an ovenproof dish, I use my lasagne dish slightly larger than 200mm by 300mm and 60mm deep. Whisk together the eggs, milk cream and seasoning and pour over the sandwiches. Do this slowly so as to ensure each sandwich gets and opportunity to become sodden. Sprinkle the odd bits of grated cheese and brioche crumbs that have fallen onto the work surface on top, I always find there's a perfect amount. Leave for at least 2 hours before placing in a moderate oven, 180C for 1 hour to cook. The top should have a pleasant crusty appearance and the inside should have what Nigella always calls an attractive inner thigh wobble, bless her, it's true enough.

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  1. This looks a whole lot like what we Aussies would call a Strata? Whatever it is called it looks like comfort food on a stick and I couldn't even bring myself to comment on those amazing croissants...I could feel my thighs expending as I mentally salivated so I had to head elsewhere ;).


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