Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Marmalade

Seville oranges have come and gone but marmalade making goes on. It occurred to me that adding ginger to my pink grapefruit recipe might be a good idea; I seem to know so many people who are as fond as I am of ginger. If anything, this marmalade is easier than the Seville orange to make, practically no pips to deal with and everything can be simmered in the added water before adding the sugar for the last lap in the production.

For this recipe which produces just over 4,200g you will need
6 pink grapefruit, (for some bizarre reason in the UK they are now sold as red grapefruit)
2 kilos of sugar
1 jar of preserved ginger in syrup, chopped
1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger finely grated

Begin by juicing the grapefruit,, in all you should get close to a litre of juice, add this with enough water to make up to 2 and a 1/2 litres of liquid in a large saucepan. Slice up the peel as finely as you like and add to the simmering liquid. Simmer for 1 couple of hours until the grapefruit skin is softened. Add the sugar along with the finely chopped ginger, omit the syrup, finally add the fresh ginger, I grate it using a microplane which reduces it to a pulp. Bring the whole mix to a rolling boil until you achieve a good set, around 240F. Place in sterilized jars.

This marmalade has a subtle but unmistakable flavour of ginger, it's always possible to add more of course but personally I like the balance as it is in this recipe.
The dearest of friends, Julia, believes marmalade or jam that is "too" set is the food of the devil, so this marmalade will be easily adjusted the next time she visits by stirring in a little (or a lot) King's Ginger, a truly special ginger liqueur, perfect!


  1. What beautiful marmalade. It looks too good for toast, I think I would have to slather it between sourdough carrot cakes or just eat it with a spoon (don't tell anyone ;) ). Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. I am going to have to make this :)Julia will love it :)

  2. I hope you do, it's worth making this marmalade for the colour alone, good to hear from you after the dark days of CELERIAC, best wishes, Tôbi

  3. Just made some this afternoon, Made 9 Jars Can't say it looks quite the same colour as yours.....Looks a tad more golden but is looking good and hopefully will taste as delicious as it sounds....Thanks for this receipe (and all the others).....Mags

  4. Thank you Mags for your comment, I imagine the colour will be down to the level of pink flesh in the grapefruits themselves and will have no effect on the final flavour. Great to hear you now have marmalade for several weeks, best wishes, Tôbi.