Saturday, 16 March 2013

24 hour Croissant

 You might think making your own croissant is a step too far, but let me try to change your mind. Croissants made at home are considerably more delicious, they have a totally different texture to the ones that come packaged up where the effects of the package and the length of time the croissant have been in the package both render them soft and lifeless. Croissant freshly baked have layers and layers of tender, light buttery dough and a crust that shatters as you break into it. The plate should be strewn with splinters of the thinnest crust as you eat them. The second reason I would encourage anyone to try making croissant, is, they are easy enough. They do as the name suggests take time, but it's time that you can get on with your life while the yeast on the dough works its magic, creating flavour and ultimately a light as air flaky result. The third reason is, they are considerably cheaper to make than to buy.
I am taking advantage these days of the cold conditions and this batch of croissant took exactly 24 hours. I began the dough one day at 9.00, placed it in the fridge and after shaping the croissant at around 11.0 at night I left them covered in my cold kitchen overnight, baking them at 9.00 in the morning. The flavour is outstanding.

Click here for the recipe

I have employed some of my wild yeast in the making of croissant in the past, it does add to the flavour of course, but really it isn't necessary if the croissant have as much time to develop flavour as these; the main difference will be the texture of the crust, which instead of splintering easily takes on a slightly tougher texture.

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