Friday, 9 August 2013

Gin & Tonic

There can be few drinks more quintessentially British than a gin & tonic, I'm inclined to make a long one rather than a strong one and at this time of year when I am picking three cucumbers a day from the greenhouse, the slice of lime gets replaced with long ribbons of cucumber. The gin that best suits cucumber in my opinion is Hendricks, but it's such a delicious variation on the classic that it's worth trying with any gin you have to hand

For this recipe you will need
60ml of Hendricks Gin
180ml of tonic water
2 ribbons of fresh cucmber.
4 large cubes of ice, washed.

Begin by preparing the cucumber, using a potato peeler, cut thin ribbons of cucumber along its length, I usually avoid the first ribbon of peel. place the ice cubes into a glass along with the cucumber, pour in the gin and top up with tonic water.

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