Monday, 17 June 2013

A Dirty Martini

Now here's a thing, a martini with an edge; someone one day decided a splash or two of the liquor from a jar of olives was what was needed to improve what was after all already a perfect cocktail to be drunk once the sun is over the yardarm. Personally I think they may have just been a bit slap dash with the olives and as often happens discovered the extra briny flavour was worth repeating. I have to say there are days when I agree.

For this version of a gin martini you will need:
100ml of Plymouth Gin
3 teaspoons of Noilly Prat
3 teaspoons of the brine from a jar of green olives

In a large glass, or a cocktail jug if you're making for more than yourself, place three large chunks of ice that have been washed for a few moments in tap water. Add the ingredients and stir with a teaspoon for exactly one minute, this is sufficient time to dilute the gin, moderation in all things I say. Serve in a chilled small martini glass with 2 green olives. This quantity makes 2 martinis which as far as I am concerned is the perfect number. I think it was Dorothy Parker who once said she liked martinis, 2 at the most, 3 she was under the table and 4 she was under her host.

Paraguay makes it 103 countries, welcome!
I'm off to hospital for a while and so this I think is a very fitting last post for a while. While I'm away I do hope my blog readers will all enjoy the 145 recipes that are now on this blog, I'll be back as soon as I can be, much love Tôbi.


  1. I hope your hospital visit is brief and beneficial, and that you will be back posting another recipe soon. Your ideas and photos inspire me.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, I'm so pleased you find the blog worthwhile, it's been a very interesting exercise in creativity and I'm enjoying it, hearing from people like you from all over the world does make it even more rewarding, best wishes, Tôbi.