Sunday, 2 June 2013

Smoked Salmon Tart

I've my dear sister in law coming to visit, a joy! "Please don't sabotage the diet", was the request so I put together this recipe to enjoy this evening. It's entirely possible to make this with a fuller fat version of the cream cheese and the yogurt, if you, like me are throwing caution to the wind. Now then a word about the appearance of this tart, in reality the top isn't actually burnt but it's closer than I would ever want it to be. The tart came out of the oven and thinking the top was a little pale, I placed it under the grill, I foolishly neglected it while taking a phone call. At least you do know I publish my errors and this African dog appearance is entirely avoidable.

Far more attractive on the African Dog

For this recipe you will need;
250g of whatever short crust pastry you wish
275g of smoked salmon
300g of lowest fat cream cheese
4 eggs
300g of 0% fat Greek yogurt (yes it does exist!)
1 teaspoon of Marigold bouillon powder of 1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons of finely chopped chives

Begin by rolling out the pastry and lining a 24cm flan tin. Line the pastry with baking parchment and baking beans and bake in a hot oven 200C for 14 minutes, remove the parchment and beans and dry out the pastry in the oven, having turned down the temperature to 100C for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile make the filling. I find the most economical way to buy smoked salmon for this tart is to buy a couple of fillets, Cook them for no more than 2 minutes in a microwave in order to reduce the amount of liquid they contain. Leave them to cool. Mix up the cream cheese and yogurt in a bowl along with the seasoning, add the eggs one at a time and whisk in thoroughly. Finally add the chives.
When the tart base is completey cooked, crisp and a pale gold colour, flake the salmon and distribute the flakes evenly over the base of the tart, carefully pour in the egg mixture and bake in a moderate oven 170C for 25 to 35 minutes. The tart needs to retain a slight wobble when it first comes out of the oven.

Smoked trout is good as an alternative and finely chopped spring onions works in place of chives.
I am of the opinion that not only is the flavour of a finished dish affected by using low fat ingredients but almost more so, the texture. This tart though delicious enough has a drier texture than I would wish for despite not being overcooked, something the addition of full fat cream cheese or creme fraiche in place of 0% fat yogurt would have easily dealt with. Useful though when fighting the flab.

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