Saturday 26 October 2013

Hagbech White bread with Date Syrup

I am fond of date syrup as an ingredient, if you need a sweet element in a dish, I think it makes sense to use something that has a greater depth and more complex flavour than sugar. My Banana cake is a good example Click here for the recipe
I was making a batch of my white sourdough yesterday and the bottle of date syrup was out on the work surface. Knowing that if you wish to enhance sourness you can add just a little sugar, just as adding a little salt will point to the sweetness of a dish, I decided to add 50ml of the date syrup to the dough. The result was spectacular. I'm sure date syrup is a really good source of nutrition for yeast.The loaves were light with good oven spring, but best of all the flavour of the crust was better than I think I have ever eaten.

The Bahamas brings the count up to 115, welcome!

In order to make this bread follow the original recipe click here and add 50ml of date syrup when adding the ferment to the main dough ingredients.

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