Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rhubarb & Ginger Martini - A Waggy Boy

Algernon, an ocean of goodness!

This is an ideal martini for lovers of rhubarb and now that the rhubarb in my garden is flourishing I'm happy to be able to use it in whatever way I can. I often partner up ginger with rhubarb so a recent gift of a bottle of Domaine de Canton, a delicious ginger liquer from France seemed the ideal choice for this martini. If you can't get hold of Domaine de Canton, King's Ginger is another ginger liquer that will work well.
Readers of my blog will know that I make my own candied peel and I keep the syrup Click here for the recipe, it has many uses, one of which is sweetening rhubarb while cooking until tender. having cooked the rhubarb, strain and reserve the delicious pink syrup if only to use in this martini. You can also make rhubarb syrup by poaching rhubarb in a simple syrup of equal parts by weight water and sugar until the rhubarb is tender, using the candied orange peel syrup simply adds a hint of bitter orange, making the flavour that bit more complex.

For this martini you will need,
50ml of gin, Plymouth is my preference
20ml of Domaine de Canton
10ml of Rhubarb syrup
2 large washed ice cubes

Stir all the ingredients in a glass for 1 minute, strain into a chilled martini glass and serve. warming when the temperature outside is 4C and it's late May!

It's important to always wash ice cubes speedily in cold water before adding to, or using in the mixing of, any drinks in order to remove flavours that the ice takes on in the freezer.
This martini is sweeter than the average, if you wish to balance some of the sweetness a couple of dashes of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters will do the trick. Personally I think as long as the glass is adequately chilled the drink is perfect.


  1. Hello Korena, thanks for your comment, it really is a good martini, the subtle but unmistakable flavour of rhubarb in the background; I'm looking forward to mixing one for my daughter and her partner this evening, they're coming home for the weekend! Best wishes Tôbi