Monday, 11 February 2013

Black Bean & Sweetcorn Humus

So many recipes are the result of things that go wrong and in this case it was simply the addition of too much salt that led to the need for half a can of sweetcorn which then transformed this humus into something special.

I had been making a batch of my black bean humus click here for recipe using a can of black beans from the store cupboard in place of the usual black beans that I soak overnight then cook in a pressure cooker. I should have noticed the quantity of beans was half what I normally use, but being in a hurry I added what turned out to be too much salt. My daughter and I both agreed, having tasted it that the only thing to do was add more bulk, so searching around rather desperately I happened upon a tin of sweetcorn and decided to risk it. The result was not only a rescue but a very pleasant variation which I have now repeated.

The addition on sweetcorn, which should not be over-blended, provides a light fresh flavour and a texture which is missing in the original recipe.


  1. I think this has to be one of the moust "out there" hummus recipes that I have seen online. Kudos on the interesting flavour combination :)

  2. I do think the cooking of the garlic to golden rather than brown, is the single biggest flavour component in this humus, the sweetcorn adds a freshness which balances the whole thing. The is recipe is definitely one I will continue to use and enjoy.