Friday, 31 January 2014

Seville Orange Liqueur

It's that time of year when the kitchen is filled with the scent of the year's marmalade being made. Last year I was keen to try something new with Seville oranges, so I came up with the idea of a liqueur. It's been in the pantry now for a whole year, I have shaken it every now and again but on the whole it has had a quiet undisturbed year. I am pleased enough with the result to share it with you and most importantly, not alter my original recipe. When trying to think of a name for this liqueur I looked for the names of people associated with Seville and came up with Velazquez, so I call this Velazquez Orange.

Namibia brings the number up to 123! welcome.

For this recipe you will need:
1Litre of Vodka
4 Seville oranges
200g of granulated sugar
2 cloves

I use a 3 litre jar intended for preserves. Cut the oranges up roughly, add the sugar, cloves and vodka and seal with the lid, it's as simple as that. Time and the odd shake will do all the work.
After a year (I imagine 6 months will do) strain the liqueur off through a fine sieve and bottle.

The use of Seville oranges allows for the final result to not be too sweet. If you have access only to other varieties of oranges, I would suggest adding less sugar, you can always sweeten the end result if needs be. 

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