Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Old Hagbech Whisky Sour

I'm the first to admit this drink has veered off the path from a true whisky sour which is made with rye whisky, lemon juice and a sugar syrup. Occasionally a little egg white is used so that when the cocktail is shaken over ice and poured into a glass it has a nice foam on the top.
My version of the drink uses bourbon, lime juice and the syrup I keep having candied orange peel as well as a small offering of amaretto liquer. The sourness of the drink marries very well with these cheese croutons featured in an earlier post click here for the recipe

Welcome Moldova, bringing the list up to 93

for this cocktail you will need'
2 measures of bourbon
1/2 measure of sugar syrup,
1 measure of lime juice
A dash of Amaretto Disaronno

Stir all the ingredients with 4 large ice cubes for a minute or two before straining into a glass. The amaretto liquer adds a round note to this drink and I believe adds to both the complexity and the balance without altering the basic concept of whisky and sour citrus

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  1. We have sworn off the demon drink (till our livers recover) so I won't be trying this recipe for a bit ;)