Monday 1 October 2012

Baked Potato & Onion Seed Bread

I bake bread regularly so popping a couple of potatoes into the oven to bake while the bread is baking is always a good idea, if I don't use them for gnocchi I can always use them to make this bread flavoured with black onion seeds.

You will need:
200g of activated starter Click here for recipe and instruction
500g of Strong White flour
300g baked potato flesh
20g of onion seed
16g of salt
300g water

I arrange for the main fermentation to happen overnight, because I find it convenient to bake the bread early to mid afternoon.
Begin by activating the starter, then when the surface is showing signs of vigorous growth add 200g of starter to the 500g of Strong White flour and 300g of water and mix to fully amalgamate. Leave to rise overnight covered and at room temperature. In the morning grate the baked potato into the dough and add the salt and onion seeds. Mix thoroughly on a medium speed for three minutes to fully incorporate the potato and seeds.

Leave the dough to rise covered and at room temperature, stretching and folding every hour for 3 or 4 hours until the dough shows signs of good gluten strength. Be careful to avoid knocking out more of the precious gas bubbles than you have to.

Form into two lots and roughly shape into rounds. Leave on the work surface, covered for half an hour. Take the individual rounds and form into a nice tight skinned boule shape, sprinkle a couple of proving baskets with bran and place the loaves in seam side up. Leave covered for 2 to 3 hours or until the loaves have nearly doubled in size. Turn out onto a heated baking stone, slash and bake in a hot oven 240C for 30 to 35 minutes.

You can vary this bread by using dill seed or caraway seed, also a couple of finely chopped sage leaves work well, especially if the bread is to be eaten with cheese.


  1. Very nice looking loaf. I love to bake with potatoes in my bread as well.

    What is black onion seeds? I have not seen those in the USA.

  2. Hello Ian, thank you for your question, I am almost certain that the seeds sold in the UK as Onion seed or black onion seed for culinary purposes, are in fact Nigella seeds. I find them easily here in Asian supermarkets. If you can find seeds which are sold for culinary purposes called Nigella seeds, these will be fine. Good luck, Tôbi


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